Fourth-grade teacher creates bonkers Kanye-themed classroom

Kanye’s done a lot of things in his time – infamously interrupted Taylor Swift at the VMAs, recently declared his plans to run for President in 2020, oh, and now has a classroom themed after him. Adrian Perez, a fourth-grade teacher at McCabe Elementary school in Mendoza, California makes us wish we were back in fourth grade, having decorated his classroom in an homage to the iconic musician.

“I feel as if I tore walls down and created several opportunities for me to think outside the box, and I encourage my students do the same. I was innovative while designing this classroom. I aspire to be the Kanye West of teaching: Kanye West is one of the most influential people in the world and is the best at what he does. To elaborate, I want to be a positive influence to my students and be the best teacher I can be for them,” Perez said to Good Morning America.

We’ve got to admit it all looks quite clever and punny and even age-appropriate, with sections all based on Kanye songs like Power for students who achieved good reading scores, or Champion for the best assignments. It’s a shame that school administrators had different ideas, instructing Perez to tear down the decor (maybe they were afraid that he was encouraging a culture of college dropouts or that his students wouldn’t make it to graduation?)

Either way, have a look at the decor below and marvel in the educational glory that only Kanye West could influence.

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