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Watch FKA Twigs redefine Sia’s ‘Elastic Heart’

If you whittled it down to the pure core, it would be harder to find two names more relevant to female musical output than FKA Twigs and Sia. Sitting at opposite ends of the spectrum, Twigs seduces with her sexually charged bedroom numbers, and the untouchable Sia shies away from attention with her masks and stand in music video performers.

There are few scenarios where the duo would have reason to overlap, so the recent cover by Twigs of Sia’s mega hit Elastic Heart was an unexpected, albeit happy, union. Performed on BBC’s Live Lounge, Twigs reimagining takes the track to places it was never intended to go with breathy undertones and writhing limbs. The ethereal artist borders on otherworldly, supported by a back up dancer for the first time in Live Lounge history.

Twigs has had a big couple of years, releasing her debut album LP1 to critical acclaim, and releasing subsequent album M3LL155X last month. She even dropped a startlingly creative and insightful 16-minute long video to accompany the surprise album. 

Twigs also performed her song In Time, and you can check out the whole thing below.

The performance follows on from the surprise release of FKA Twigs’ recent EP M3LL155X.