Five things we learned at this year’s MTV VMAS

The MTV VMAs have been and gone for another year. With Miley Cyrus at the helm, there were more than a few uncomfortable moments over the course of the evening. These are the ones that stuck out the most.

1. Kanye West will run for President 

Honestly, this entire list could be made up of Kanye West highlights. From napping to actually smiling, he did a lot of unusual things at this year’s VMAs. During his 13 minute Video Vanguard acceptance speech, Kanye said a lot of things. He spoke about fresh juice, about having a daughter, about MTV replaying his 2009 ambush of Taylor Swift (who presented him with the award) for ratings. But most importantly, he announced that in 2020 he would be running for US Presidency. Check out the #kanyeforpres tag on Twitter. There’s some pure as gold on there.



Bonus Kanye points: dancing to The Weeknd. Kanye <3s The Weeknd.

2. Taylor Swift has friends, won awards

We get it Taylor, you have a lot of friends. You love them. You named your cats after a couple of them. We. Get. It. Honestly, Swift’s whole “squad” thing is getting out of control. Maybe her next concert will feature Nicki Minaj, as the two made up in the night’s opening number (though it raises suspicions about the whole ‘beef’ being staged in the first place) as a surprise collaboration. All just in time for Nicki to confront the night’s host Miley Cyrus.

3. Nicki Minaj vs Miley Cyrus is a real thing (apparently)

Nicki Minaj took the opportunity while accepting her award for Best Rap Video by calling the night’s host a bitch. Minaj’s comments refer to comments made by Cyrus in a recent interview regarding the Taylor Swift/Nicki Minaj beef. Apparently the whole thing was not a staged bit, but taking into account the aforementioned Taylor Swift make-up, that’s hard to believe. Yes, Cyrus looked especially dumbfounded, but she first came to our attention through acting, and the mouth gape-shock-horror is Disney 101.


4. Artists to watch was a load of BS

I’m still recovering from the whiplash of the double take incited by the nominee list for Artists to Watch. We all know MTV isn’t exactly revolutionary, but come on. FKA Twigs? Girl has been doing her thing for years. Don’t even get me started on the fact that Fetty Wap won the category with Trap Queen. Nope.

5. The whole night was Miley Cyrus’ big marketing ploy


Okay, maybe not really, but it kind of seems like the entire night was just a build up to what was actually happening: a new album. Cyrus tried really hard to be shocking, even saying something along the lines of “it doesn’t get much more shocking than me”, but it was all really flat. Adding to that, was her closing performance. Really, 30 back up dancers (drag superstar Violet Chachki included), The Flaming Lips and Miley Cyrus should have been entertaining and a high note to close on. But the song was terrible, the performance lacking and the album she was touting isn’t much better. Adding to that, her outfit designed was a direct rip off of Di$count Univer$e designs – which Cyrus has worn and supported in the past. Just sayin. Also, if she “ain’t no hippie”, why is her foundation called The Happy Hippie Foundation?