DOOMSTARKS is the epitome of rap collaborations

Ghostface Killah and DOOM have teamed up to form DOOMSTARKS (named in keeping with the Stones Throw Record label’s naming combinations for joint collaborations) for Lively Hood, a new track produced by DOOM and released as part of the Adult Swim Singles program.

Listen to it above and grab a free download of it here. Soon, it’ll also be available on 7″ via DOOM’s new Gas Drawls site (in conjunction with Metalface/Nature Sounds).

Almost ten years ago the two teamed up and were supposed to release a collaborative album which never happened, but apparently it is finally set to drop this year, and now we’ve got a song released under their pseudonym DOOMSTARKS. Doom had also been previously featured on Ray Gun from Ghostface’s album with BADBADNOTGOOD, Sour Soul.

Lively Hood is full of Ghostface’s gritty raps and DOOM’s signature production and unique flow, and is complete with laser sounds, horns, and explosions as you would expect from a DOOM track. The track comes off as a hard, one verse each, straight to the point rap, with just enough time in the barely two minute track for a quick hook. It is definitely one of the hardest NY tracks recently put on wax and makes Jay-Z’s New York tributes sound like he grew up in a safeguarded gated community.

The duo are set to perform together at III Points Festival, which takes place October 9th to 11th in Miami. But this won’t be a typical performance: DOOM will appear on a live screen “from the other side of time.” He’ll be “transported Star Trek-style directly onto the III Points Festival stage,” according to a festival press release. The press release also says they will be debuting music from the upcoming DOOMSTARKS album.

Released as part of Adult Swim’s series of 19 tracks over the past few weeks, Lively Hood is certainly standing out as one of the best. Other released songs have spanned multiple genres and artists, including Skrillex, Sia and Danny Brown. With only four more singles remaining to be released, the forthcoming tracks will have to be harder than steel and iron to be any better than the DOOMSTARKS offering. Unlikely.