Discogs Wants To Catalog Every Record Ever Made

Just like how the RSPCA is a home for abandoned animals, Discogs is a home for unwanted vinyl records.

The second-hand record store in the US is on a mission to create the biggest record collection in the world. According to The Vinyl Factory, they aim to “catalog every single piece of music ever created in the world.”

They’ve now created a September Pledge Initiative (SPIN) to raise awareness and encourage others to donate any unwanted vinyls to the cause. While they already have a wide selection of music, they aim to become a “sort of Wikipedia for records.”

In the video below, they encourage people to rummage through the trash (if necessary) in search for valuable records that could be added to their museum of music. The initiative has a competitive edge. If you donate a vinyl, you go into the draw to win a gift set.

With the increased number of music downloads, many traditions forms of music recordings are becoming endangered. Discogs says “the release you contribute could lead a long forgotten vinyl back to the turntable or maybe even a repressing – and it all begins with a contribution.

They currently have 54,000 new records, halfway to their goal of 100 000 by the end of September. We have found the perfect motivational song to keep them focused.

Catch ’em all, Discogs. Catch ’em all.