Listen to CHVRCHES’ energetic new single

Amidst news of a new album, not to mention powerful comments on misogyny in the industry and online haters, CHVRCHES has released yet another new song, and it’s just as good as their previous teaser singles Never Ending Circles, Every Open Eye and Leave a Trace. This new track – Clearest Blue – is perhaps their most energetic effort out of the three, most reminiscent of their debut record The Bones of What You Believe.

In true CHVRCHES style, Clearest Blue is underscored by glitchy electronic tones, and with a very frenetic beat that induces sweaty palms and shaky legs upon first listen. Despite unwelcome throwbacks to the Black Eyed Peas’ very wailing 2009 hit, vocalist Lauren Mayberry’s impassioned cries of “meet me halfway” add a desperate tension to the track as it continues to crescendo. Indeed, Clearest Blue is a song that builds and builds, finally erupting with explosive vigour at around the 2-minute mark. The rest of the track is a no-holds-barred electronic banger that’s sure to have fans vibing at live performances. Just check out the crowd at their performance of it at Pitchfork Music Festival!

Sadly, we won’t be seeing CHVRCHES anytime soon, as they continue their tour across American for the rest of 2015. Their upcoming album Every Open Eye is released 25 September – it’ll be a long two weeks waiting for it.