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A$AP Rocky & Tyler, The Creator Promote Tour With Freestyle Video

In what is being called the most FOMO tour of all time, A$AP Rocky and Tyler, The Creator have just released a promotional video for their upcoming ‘Rocky and Tyler’ US tour which also features Danny Brown and Vince Staples.

‘When they first told me about this, I was like, nah that’s weird, I don’t really fuck with n****s. Rocky cool but, iunno. But then time went on, and then n****s was like “why not?” And now look at us.’

‘Yo this guy is weird man, but guess what? We’re goin’ on tour, we’re about to kill shit.’

Tyler and Rocky legit seem like good friends or brothers or something, and it’s hard to imagine the crazy chemistry that they’d have on stage. They freestyle and fool around all in some really hyper coloured visuals that would suit either of the artists’ video clips, and give all the details on where to get tickets, as well as mention of some special guests.

Tyler just got banned from Australia as well as the UK, which is mega upsetting – particularly considering the fact that the ban was reportedly instigating by a series of song lyrics, penned years ago. So, realistically even if everyone were to ask really nicely and show a lot of interest, the ‘Rocky and Tyler’ tour probably wouldn’t make it down under, but goddamn this looks good. It kicks off September 19th, hopefully there’s tonnes of footage. Head to to torture yourself with all the details.