Wiz Khalifa hoverboards at an airport, is immediately detained

In what sounds like a scene from the Back To The Future II/Die Hard 2 (Die Harder) ultimate sequel mash-up film we never got to see, rapper Wiz Khalifa was thrown to the ground and cuffed by US Customs and Border Patrol officers at LAX after riding around the airport on a hoverboard.

You really can’t make shit like this up. There doesn’t appear to be any footage of him actually riding around on it but there is this photo which shows the offending board to be a gold-plated reminder that your life is pathetic.

See, when I saw the headlines I assumed that he was zooming around LAX wreaking havoc in a country that will just about full body cavity search you for breathing the wrong way in an airport. He kind of just looks to be going for a chilled out hover in that photo and not bothering a soul, so pinning him to the ground for the heinous crime of a half-assed Marty McFly impersonation seems more than a bit excessive. Wiz thought so too, taking to Twitter to do a little venting.



Just another day in the life of someone with too much money. Happy Monday.