Wavves drop another new one with ‘Heavy Metal Detox’

Few acts do noisy, surfy garage punk quite as well as San Diego’s Wavves. Their fifth LP, the appropriately titled V, is due out later this year and they’ve been peppering us with excellent singles all year. First was Way Too Much(released amid a sea of label-related controversy), then Flamezesz and today they’ve given us Heavy Metal Detox

It’s the classic Wavves sound, a pummeling backline of bass and drums, deliciously fuzzy guitars with a nifty little mid-song solo and lyrics fit for a hangover from the seventh circle of Hell (‘I’ve lived too long/why does my head hurt?’, ‘It’s getting worse/it’s getting worse’).

Their star is only set to rise further with the release of V. If you need to scratch your Wavves itch you can check out No Life For Me the collaborative LP they put out this year with contemporaries Cloud Nothings.

V is scheduled for release October the 2nd via Ghost Ramp