Wanna learn guitar? Hire Neil Young as your teacher

There’s good guitar teachers and there’s average guitar teachers. For some particularly lucky people – like triple-Oscar winner Meryl Streep, there’s also Neil Young.

Streep is set to take on the big screen again, this time as an aspiring rock ‘n roll guitarist in upcoming film Ricki and the Flash. To help her prepare for her role as a guitarist, she called on none other than master of the trade Neil Young, to give her a few tips and tools.

This isn’t uncommon – actors turn to lessons and experience working all sorts of odd jobs and honing their skills for fighting, fencing, horse riding, martial arts, the list goes on. But this one feels particularly special to us, given that Young is not only a master of the trade, but, obviously, an absolute legend.

The short video below goes to prove how awesome this would be. Young schools the actress about reverb, heavy chords and using the guitar’s own movements to create distortion, while Streep looks on in awe. The video ends with a humbled Streep bowing down to the iconic artist – and we’re all bowing with her.

Ricki and the Flash was written by Diablo Cody, best known for indie flick Juno. The film will be out in Australian theatres on Friday August 21.