VIDEO ROUNDUP: Our favourite music videos of the week

Beat Connection: So Good

Beat Connection’s new music video is kinda self-explanatory. It’s So Good. Breathing new life onto the single shot video clip, they play with space and time in a way that is intelligent and truly captivating. The clip wasn’t actually filmed in one shot, but cuts are worked in with such subtlety that you don’t notice them, or if you do, you forgive them. Set in a swimming pool out in the desert, and based around eight characters that are lounging about, swimming, dancing and lying on deck chairs. It’s hard to describe how clever the film really is. So go ahead – check it out.

Wave Racer: Flash Drive

Wave Racer recently released Flash Drive, taken from his upcoming debut EP, dropping on October 24th. Now he has a gorgeous music video to go with it. Smooth, slick and exceptionally well-animated, it is a gamers dreams come true. The glossy sheen of the water, combined with incredible warm pinks and baby blues make you want to dive right into the computer screen and begin your new life as a dolphin.

Floating Points: Silhouettes

Continuing down the animated route, Floating Points bring us his music video for Silhouettes, taken from upcoming album Elaenia, coming out on the 6th of November. The film combines beautifully lit countryside footage with spritely, animated dancing white lights. Silhouettes combines synths with strings and vocal harmonies in a way that is so uplifting and sublime. When combined with the shimmering, dreamlike light formations, we are simply left mesmerised. Right near the end you’ll find a little easter egg, where, for just a few seconds, the the camera moves back a little, revealing to the audience that the ‘landscape’ we’ve been watching is actually a handmade miniature set surrounded by cameras and lights. It’s pretty incredible.

Kali Uchis: Loner

When Kali Uchis first exploded onto the music scene, she was hailed as one of the most exciting new artists of her time. Talented, unique, and with magnificent style, she was a breath of fresh air. I was a little hesitant, lamenting that perhaps her aesthetic charm compensated for a lack of depth and meaning in her work. But now, I stand corrected. Uchis’ latest track Loner is beautiful. Aching for an old lover, her lyrics are intelligent, sensitive and relatable, while the visuals are of course immaculate. Reminiscent of the 1960s, Uchis slinks around an old diner and motel room. All in all, the lighting, the sexy costumes and the gorgeous soundscape make for one bangin’ music video.

NxWorries (Anderson .Paak & Knxwledge): Suede

You might know Anderson .Paak from his recent spotlight on Dr Dre’s Compton, where he featured on no less than five tracks. He and Stones Throw labelmate Knxwledge have teamed up as NxWorries, and their new track Suede is fucking fabulous. Combining Knxwledge’s smooth, understated instrumentals with Paak’s vocals the song is charming and classy. At the end it features a little black and white snippet, with a somewhat abrupt ending.

Basenji ft. Scenic: Petals

Basenji’s new single Petals is just adorable, featuring Scenic’s ethereal vocals. Petals is mellow and airy, accompanied by a video clip that’s set in a dark and steamy plant-filled room, dimly lit with red and green hues. The band members each inject droplets of an unknown drug (let’s assume it’s cough syrup) onto their tongues and settle back to watch bubbles float around the room. As you might imagine, it looks like absolute bliss.