The Chemical Brothers: Cyborg feminism

The Chemical Brothers have just released an amazing video for Sometimes I Feel So Deserted. It features a female cyborg trekking through a cobalt desert. She finds a petrol pump and inserts into her throat. Its all rather macabre. A group of emaciated, beady-eyed desert rats chase her in a van. It is really quite annoying to watch, because the pursuers almost perfectly resemble the cigarette-munching youths (word used sparingly) that grace (gracelessly) our train platforms.

I found myself thinking: “Fight back! Fight back, robot lady! They appear scary because they are as snappy as rabid dogs in heat. But they are, in fact, toothless nincompoops.”

And, in total agreement to my retaliatory musings, she turns around and sprints for the van with a vim and vigour that would have Cathy Freeman shouting ‘gold’. Basically, its a great video that really takes you on a Mad max-esque ride. Watch it.

The track features on The Chemical Brothers’ long-awaited recent album Born In The Echoes. While the album received mixed reviews and it’s clear that the band, well, reached their prime, new Chem Bros is still new Chem Bros. In any case, with a solid reputation for impressive live shows, let’s all hope that a tour is announced soon!