ca. 1992 --- Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain --- Image by © Dora Handel/CORBIS OUTLINE

Read Courtney Love’s heartbreaking message to Kurt Cobain

If you’ve ever lost someone you love more than words can express, you’ll probably understand this feeling.

Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain’s daughter Frances Bean Cobain has recently celebrated her 23rd birthday. Having raised her without Cobain, the past 21 years have been an emotional journey for the notoriously tumultuous Love. Now, her emotions have been released in the form of a little Instagram message to Frances Bean.

Posting a picture of her and Cobain with baby Francis Bean, she writes, “Makes me feel so sad. Our baby is all grown up now. Jesus Kurt look at her face, what on earth were you thinking..?? God I miss you, we all miss you #family #memories #turnbacktime #lovehim”.

See the post below:

The young Cobain was an executive producer for Montage Of Heck, which was another emotion-filled piece for those close to Cobain. The themes were so heavy that Dave Grohl reportedly couldn’t bare to watch any more than ten minutes of it. A soundtrack for the documentary will be released in November, according to director Brett Morgan. It will feature previously unheard tracks from Cobain and all music from the film.

The untitled soundtrack will be released on November 6th.