PREMIERE: Listen to Gabriella Cohen’s ‘Sever The Walls’

We recently touched on one of our new favourite artists, Gabriella Cohen, and her extremely promising solo project. An obviously incredibly talented songwriter and musician, Cohen has been trying her hand releasing her solo material – and god damn are we glad she is!

Sever The Walls is the second single off Gabriella’s forthcoming album Full Closure and No Details, an album she recorded in a house in the country with her friend and collaborator Kate Dillon for 10 days last April. Picking up where she left off with Don’t Feel So Alive, this is a relentless track about leaving it all behind and starting again. “Sever the walls with a broken heart / Cut all your ties, go back to the start,” she sings as the track kicks off. From here, Cohen’s voice meanders over her delicate harmonies and her trusty guitar before kicking up a few notches with a jangly drum beat and some token backing vocals.

There’s a certain 70’s-esque American feel to Cohen’s music, like she really is from another time. There’s an air of nostalgia in her voice and her arrangements, and her influences from that time are clear. Instead of a lounge room in Brisbane’s West End, Cohen transports you to Route 66 or some other iconic American pop culture reference from a bygone era. It’s this added eccentricity that makes Gabriella Cohen’s music so captivating, and the fact that she makes it sound so easy is just thrown in for good measure.

Full Closure and No Details is due for release in October (vinyl and digital release), and considering she is now set to play BIGSOUND next month, we are predicting very big things to come from Gabriella Cohen! You can catch her in action on Thursday 10th September at 10:30pm, playing at The Press Club.