Odesza return with Little Dragon

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have released a lovely collaboration with Little Dragon, and it is called Light. It is the product of their intermittent and protracted attempts to combine their musical mastery, dogged by busyness and incorrect vocal samples. Luckily, both artists have been able to find time in their full-to-the-brim schedules to produce this machine-drum, Nagano-cooing piece of art.

Light is a beautiful song. Yukimi Nagano’s soft, soul-flecked voice rises and falls in ODESZA’s many-tiered soundscapes. Something has to be said for their sensitivity to sound: they bundle wooden beats, glassy flicks and vivid-with-colour synths in this unassuming yet sophisticated way. The chorus is a marvelous crescendo, with multiple sonic streams gyring in union as Little Dragon croons and swoons.

Accompanying this release, ODESZA has announced that a new version of their 2014 album In Return (Deluxe Edition), will be out on POD through Inertia this September 18. It will be revamped with three new live performance (Say My Name (feat. Zyra), Bloom and IPlayYouListen) and instrumental versions of all the In Return tracks.

Straight after the deluxe re-release of In Return, ODESZA will begin a world tour in New Zealand and Australia. Get excited my Australian comrades, ODESZA will be tearing up Listen Out with a main stage set.

ODESZA Australian Tour Dates:
Sat. Sep. 26 – Listen Out Festival, Melbourne
Sun. Sep. 27 – Listen Out Festival, Perth
Sat. Oct. 3 – Listen Out Festival, Sydney
Sun. Oct. 4 – Listen Out Festival, Brisbane

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