New stats confirm Triple J is dominating commercial radio stations

We’ve always known that triple j holds a very special place in all our hearts. But now there is conclusive proof that they have managed to translate their sentimental popularity to some seriously impressive ratings success.

Noise 11 is reporting that for the first time ever, triple j has come out on top for 25 – 39 year olds in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. Most importantly, this is the most sought after demographic in the industry – so pretty much triple j is smashing all the commercial radio stations in all the right places.

Ironically enough however, the reason why this demographic is prized is because of how appealing they are to advertisers. The demographic have a bit of spare change to spend, as well as being in a social time of their lives and potentially thinking of buying houses (although good luck currently). Yet triple j is government funded and hence advertisement free – robbing advertisements of the most appealing station to advertise on.

In Melbourne, triple j is on 17.5%, ahead of Fox FM and Triple M in third place, while in Sydney triple j is tying first with Triple M on 15%, with KISS coming in third with 9.3%.

The results are seriously encouraging for the Australian music industry, as young people continue to support home-grown and local talents – feeding into our blossoming festival industry and continuing to fuel live music around the country. It serves as encouragement for the bigger commercial stations to tap into the vast reserves of Australian talent, rather than simply redirecting and promoting overseas imports. A lot of this popularity is likely due to the ever-popular Hottest 100, which draws fans young and old each year. Let’s hope more Aussie talents can transition from unknown triple j entities to global phenomenons.