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Listen to new City and Colour: Wasted Love

Dallas Green is a really interesting guy. There aren’t many people out there who can sing in a post hardcore act like Alexisonfire (who, by the way, just played their first set together since 2012), front the blues-folk City and Colour, and do occasional side projects like You+me, his recent collaboration with pop star P!nk. The real kicker is that he does them all so goddamn well. And while my tastes have traditionally been more on the Alexisonire end of the DG spectrum, I fell in love with C&C after being absolutely stunned by their live set at Splendour in the Grass 2014. It was one of the most unexpectedly spectacular sets I’ve ever seen – I’d only listened to a few tracks before the festival, and admittedly found them too low-key for my taste. But I went along to his headline slot and, my god, was it not what I expected. Loud, bluesy and so invigorating, I was stunned. A phenomenal musician, there was some serious Pink Floyd guitar shit going on up there. Ever since then I’ve considered myself a fan, so it gives me great pleasure to share his brand new single with you here today.

Wasted Love is a gorgeous, emotional track that’s easy to get lost in. The lyrics tell a dark tale of the wrong kind of love. “Careless love, quit pouring honey in my ears,” he croons. Blending the catchy pop sentiments with tight blues-rock guitar, sprinkled with sweet distorted riffs, makes for one seriously satisfying single. And of course, there’s a soaring guitar solo that’ll make you melt.

The track will be featured on City and Colour’s fifth album I Should Go before You, set for release on October 9. Recorded in Nashville, Tennessee, it’s the first City and Colour release since 2013’s acclaimed The Hurry and the Harm. it was recorded with the hefty supergroup that makes up both his studio and touring band – Jack Lawrence (Raconteurs, Dead Weather), Dante Schwebel (Dan Auerbach), Doug MacGregor (Constantines) and Matt Kelly.

Of the new record, Green says, “Anybody who has seen us play will understand that this is the best representation of what we do live that we have ever recorded. I was so excited about being able to make and record an album with these guys that it just flowed. I felt so confident about their abilities to make all of my ideas come true.”

That’ll do it for me!

City and Colour will be gracing the stage at Bluesfest 2016, which is taking place from Thurs March 24 – Mon March 28, 2016. More details here.