N.W.A lands first ever Top 40 single

Am I reading this right?

Legendary hip hop group N.W.A has landed their first ever Top 40 single, after shooting back into the mainstream eye with the release of the immensely successful biopic, Straight Outta’ Compton. 

In what has become a 2015 rebirth for the polarising rap collective, it just goes to show that a whole new generation of hiphopheads can embrace the controversial rap of the 90’s.

The biopic itself is smashing box office records for the genre, while Dr Dre has finally delivered a new album, and although it wasn’t detox, we were blessed with a memorable soundtrack for the capital of California gang banging.

Dre himself has been embroiled in the headlines, with assault charges and allegations against the mega-producer coming back into the public eye.

It would almost be a disservice to the group if Straight Outta’ Compton was not given the honour of being the groups first top 40, but a debut at number 38 has cemented the track amongst the charts.

The song itself is an aggressive and in your face introduction to the group, showcasing the controversial content and style that made them such a notorious group in the 90’s.

Let’s hope that classic hip hop continues to rear its head in this day and age; there are some absolute gems out there that the new generation is missing out on.