My Favourite Tunes: Moses Gunn Collective

Brisbane psych-rock five piece Moses Gunn Collective have been experiencing their biggest year yet this year. With the addition of a fifth member (and resident lady of the group), they’ve played at Falls Festival, jumped on tour with The Jungle Giants, dropped one of the most bizarre videos we’ve seen this year and are just about ready to release their debut album. They’ve also been selected to perform at this year’s BIGSOUND, and are now set to embark upon a national tour of their own this month as well.

Moses Gunn Collective dropped their latest single Hot Mess yesterday, which sees the band shaking off any inhibitions to deliver this self described “straight up love ballad.” The band said of the track, “We’ve all loved a hot mess, or maybe even been a hot mess ourselves. Either way it’s this acceptance of the mess – and devotion to it – that pulls hardest on our heart strings.” It’s contagious with it’s ooh-oohs and aah-aahs, it’s nostalgic with it’s vocals and it’s so much fun with it’s borderline euphoric chorus. In a way, it’s a celebration of the hot messes, and that is something we can all probably relate to!

In between all of the pre-album release excitement, we nabbed some time with the band to ask them all about their favourite tunes. From cooking, to singing in the shower, to even sweet love makin’, the answers are a big mix of everything but from just one listen to any Moses Gunn song, that hardly comes as a surprise. A band built on a multitude of influences and inspirations, they’re definitely ones to keep your eye out for.

My favourite track to wake up to is…Invisible/Visible by Taylor McFerrin ft. Bobby McFerrin & Cesar Carmargo Mariano
Beautiful and sunshine-y. Incredibly soothing song to open your eyes to in the morning.

The best track for cooking is…Goin’ Back by Devendra Banhart
I’d recommend that whole album for cooking. You’ll be sure to whip up something wholesome and delicious.

The best track for spring cleaning is…On The Regular by Shamir
Listen to this on repeat and I guarantee you will clean your entire house in under an hour.

The ultimate road trip track is…Faded In The Morning by Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Oh man, this whole album is filled with road trip anthems.

My favourite love song is…Can’t Do Without You by Caribou
This song always makes me think about all the important people I love in my life. We couldn’t do it without ya’ll.

The best track for sweet love makin’ is…Send It On by D’Angelo
Some good ol’ D’angelo of course

The track that always gets the party started is…Drank & Drugs by Lil Kleine & Ronnie Flex
This is self-explanatory right?

The best track to wind down a crowd is…Cherry Blossom Girl by Air
Everyone can slow dance with their lovers or solo groove in their own brain but be sure everyone will be floatin’

My favourite drunken karaoke track is…Millionaire by Kelis
Who doesn’t miraculously know all the lyrics to this song when intoxicated?

My favourite song to sing in the shower is…Where’s Your Head At by Basement Jaxx
Currently it’s this. So many parts to sing.. not enough mouths..

A song that always makes me cry is…All I Need by Radiohead
It’s the most beautiful kind of cry though. It could be happy or sad.

I love going to sleep listening to…Iota by Angel Olsen
Her voice makes me feel warm and safe

I can’t stop dancing when I hear…Why by Les Sins
A new wave disco tune for everyone that likes to bounce