Little Simz Fires a Warning Shot in ‘Dead Body’ Film Clip

21 year old UK rapper Little Simz has been hard at work lately, and has begun to well and truly blow up over the past few months. From her relentless touring schedule to having one of the most captivating voices to emerge in some time, she is absolutely one to keep an eye on and you only need less than one listen to her new track, Dead Body, to know why.

Foreboding, intimidating and – to be honest – a little scary, Little Simz brings it with this new track and the Jeremy Cole directed accompanying visuals. She delivers cutthroat rhymes over a bouncing bed of warped bass courtesy of Prezident Jeff and Deezy, effortlessly moving between grime, trap, elements of rave and the best of hip hop. The stark black and white visuals amp up the menacing vibes as Simz stares down the camera asking if you want to see a dead body, all the while getting up to some pretty shady business in a desert amongst other slightly terrifying acts.

Clearly sitting on one hell of a project ahead of her forthcoming album out next month, she kicks things off with an eerie opener in which she says, “We all have our demons / our thoughts / our imperfections and our insecurities / none of which make us inhumane / this is our tale / the proton, the neutron, the electron / the positive, the negative and the ground / the trial, the person and the stories of” before asking that ominous question and launching into the track. Frustrated with elements of her personality, and elements of society as a whole, her lyrics are deep and introspective as well as acting as a social commentary. Hard hitting and perfectly executed, Dead Body also as acts as a warning to her contemporaries – Little Simz is coming, and she’s ready.

Little Simz’ debut album A Curious Tale of Trials + Persons drops next month on September 18, and it’s pretty safe to say we can’t wait for that to reach our ears.