Listen to new Foals track “London Thunder”

My, my, my, the new Foals album, What Went Down is shaping up to pretty pretty damn good. I mean, not that you could expect anything less, but it’s getting a bit ridiculous. Maybe the fast-run release of what are now four tracks has been some kind of penance for being away for far too long, or maybe Foals are just as excited as we are for August 28 -aka International Foals Day- as everyone else.

Whatever the reason, we’re glad we can now add London Thunder to the list of singles because this Friday still seems kind of far away. The track joins previously released lead single and title track What Went Down, along with Mountain At My Gates and A Knife In The Ocean.

Like its predecessors, London Thunder is accompanied by a video. This one is comprised entirely of CCTV footage: black, white and melancholic while the song weaves a story of the feeling of absence and the strange in-between state of airport dwelling – all of which comes with touring. Speaking to NME, frontman Yannis Philippakis said of the song: “It’s about being away and having some sort of experience that changes you, and waiting to return, knowing that the world you’re returning to will be subtly different because you are.” In other words, its fucking beautiful.

Two and a half years isn’t that long between albums in the grand scheme of things, but its sure as hell feels like long enough. We’re on the edge of our seats, hanging out for this Friday when the album officially drops (hope you pre-ordered!). What Went Down is without a doubt one of the most highly anticipated albums of 2015 thus far. Between the teaser trailer, the previous three tracks and this new single, its pretty clear to understand why.

What Went Down tracklisting:

What Went Down
Mountain At My Gates
Birch Tree
Give It All
Snake Oil
Night Swimmers
London Thunder
Lonely Hunter
A Knife In The Ocean