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Lëura debuts beguiling ‘Skeleton Swoon’ video

Having released her debut EP Creature of Sight just a few months before, independent, Sydney-based musician Lëura returns with the video for next single Skeleton Swoon. The spooky and ethereal new video shows a group of figures dressed in black moving through the darkness as Lëura’s haunting vocals emanate softly into the fray.

Walking onto sand, people begin a sort of acrobatic fire dance as Lëura, real name Jo Winderbaum, watches on, face partially coated in flecked gold, reflecting in the flickering light. The gentle, persistent, chimes of glockenspiels erupts into a cacophony of guitar strums drum beats and eerie tinkles, painted dancers gazing contemplatively at one another.

The dark, foreboding nature of the video makes for an intriguing watch and is the perfect accompaniment to the hypnotic track. It concludes with Lëura being shoved violently to the ground, a grimace clouding her face as she faces an unknown fate from her predatory assailants. Then she is buried in the sand in a reverse-footage montage, the final resting place for the mysterious protagonist.

With Lachlan Mitchell as her producer (who has worked with the Jezabels in the past) Lëura’s new video continues in the vein of her previous work, an exploration of regret, desperation and devastating depression. An interesting, revealing and altogether beautiful video, it really envelops you as you watch and listen.

Check out the video below to see her at work.