Kendrick Lamar to kick Colbert’s ‘Late Show’ off with a bang

Rap music’s present day King Midas, one Kendrick Lamar, was revered enough to be granted the honour of being the final musical guest on the immensely important comedy news show Colbert Report all the way back in December. In true circle of life fashion, he oversaw the end of that show and will now help chaperone the beginning of another, kicking off Stephen Colbert’s Late Show as its inaugural musical guest on September the 8th.

Last time he was a Colbert guest he was just prior to the release of the monstrous To Pimp A Butterfly album, and he dropped a spine tingling, still to this day to be released track that’s simply known as Untitled. Obviously the Internet lost its ever-loving shit.

There’s no telling what he’s got up his sleeve this go around, whether it’ll be a track from TPAB or even something new. But, you can believe that Colbert’s Late Show is starting off on exactly the right foot here, at least musically. A more-than-worthy replacement of the great David Letterman, we’re really excited to see what Colbert will have in store for us on his new show.

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