Jay Rock goes cray cray in new video

Jay Rock has released a video for the dark, bendy-wendy title track of his sophomore album 90059. The video directed by PANAMÆRA and the Little Homies is full of goodies.

It begins with guest artist SZA on a swing, as the gold sunlight licks her wine-red hair. Simultaneously, a soft silicon beat fidgets alongside the thumping bass. SZA jumps into a car, alongs with a straitjacket-and-bite-mask-wearing Jay Rock (so Hannibal Lecter). As SZA drives the music changes, she then slings her rich-with-honey voice back and forth as a warm funkadelic track plays. It’s a wonderful blend, and it’s got me excited for some new SZA/Jack Rock collabs. Anyway, she successfully transports our boy to some crazed street doctor in a large concrete flood-way. Jay Rock pops some adrenaline pills, and everything segues into chaos. The frame becomes jittery and diasporic as a doppler-effect chase ensues between Jay Rock and a policeman. The blended splashes of red and blue compliment the song’s wandering wordplay well.

Prepare yourself for 90059. If Jay Rock’s one-off tracks are any indication, this album is going to pretty amaaazzee.

I have also included an image of SZA to just remind us all that she is essentially perfect. Read our feature on why there needs to be so much more hype about this amazing artist.