Ice Cube takes on N.W.A Genius annotations

For the unaware, Rap Genius (or as it is now named, is the destination for overly enthusiastic rap fans, who feel the need to religiously interpret every single line of your favourite hip hop songs.

And I mean. Every. Single. Line.

Rap genius started out as a reliable source of community driven information, but has slowly morphed into a punchline.

The community has slowly taken it upon themselves to overanalyse, overthink and blow even the simplest line out of proportion. We thought the joke was wearing thin.

That was until Ice Cube entered the fray.

Perennial hard man, and owner of the single most satisfying pissed off face in the world, Cube was recently confronted by rap genius annotations of N.W.A rap classic, Straight Outta Compton, and the results are absolutely hilarious.

There is something strangely satisfying about Ice Cube reciting the definitions provided by what would most likely be suburban white kids at their computers; just about as far removed from the mean streets of Compton as possible.

The lyrics “You better duck” gets translated out and redefined as follows;

“It would be wise to duck, especially in LA. An early 90’s study on drive by shootings in Los Angeles found that 38-59% of the victims were bystanders that failed to get out of the way”.

Are we really supposed to believe that Ice Cube sat down and did research on gun crime before writing his raps? I highly doubt it; I assume he probably just wants you to get out the way of the sawed-off shotgun he is hauling around the streets.

You can watch the entire video in all of its glory here:

If you want to head to the cinemas and catch footage of Ice Cube sitting down with Dre to read through the latest crime statistics before penning one of the classic rap albums of all time, make sure you catch Straight Outta Compton when it hits cinemas in Australia.