Gary Clark Jr Announces second album

First, we got the exciting new that he’ll be visiting Australia for this year’s Falls Festival, Now, the news grows even greater, as Gary Clark Jr has announced his hotly anticipated second album The Story of Sonny Boy Slim. Following on from his 2012 debut Blak And Blu and live album Gary Clark Jr. LIVE, which were met by global success, this is big news for blues fans.

Most impressively, quadruple-threat Clark is behind the writing, production and arrangements of the album, not to mention having played almost every instrument himself. Passion and talent at its absolute best, you can bet we’re excited about this one. Production collaborators include Bharath “Cheex” Ramanat and Jason Sciba – Ramanath also helped lay down some of the instruments, Ramanath and Sciba  recorded the album and his sisters Shawn and Savannah (also Clark’s back-up singers.)

When you pre-order his album, you will get one of the album’s tracks Grinder and his first single The Healing. Listen below. Not only is it a great song, the message is quite beautiful; “Music is our healing/When this world upsets me, this music sets me free.”

He uses his evolution as an artist as the story that ties the different tracks together. “I really just wanted to put everything together and be 1,000 percent who I am,” Clark told Rolling Stone. “This album is exactly what that is, loud.” 

The Story Of Sonny Boy Slim track listing:
1. The Healing
2. Grinder
3. Star
4. Our Love
5. Church
6. Hold On
7. Cold Blooded
8. Wings
10. Can’t Sleep
11. Stay
12. Shake
13. Down To Ride

Don’t forget to catch the man that the President Of The United States once called “the future” at Falls Festival from December 28th to January 3rd 2016. Tickets available on August 26th.

The Story of Sonny Boy Slim will be released on September 11th. Pre-order now.