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Fuck That’s Delicious: Action Bronson Makes Poke and Visits Hawaii

After a little while off the air, Action Bronson is back with the latest episode of Fuck That’s Delicious. On this latest installment of Bronson’s web-cooking and food oriented show, as part of VICE’s Munchies, Bam Bam’s tastebuds revisit Hawaii after his most recent trip there, and try to recreate his favourite dish, Poke.

Bronson prepares two versions of Poke: a traditional version and a vegan rendition with golden beets. We get some footage of his trip to Hawaii, including visiting the corner store and seeing the locals, highlights of last year’s Billabong Pipe Masters surfing comp, and just visiting the farmer’s market when he’s grilled af. Make sure you stick it till the end, there’s some good extra footage of Bronson rocking out and eating a cheese pizza – it’s way more entertaining than it sounds.

Make sure to check his other episodes of Fuck That’s Delicious as well. There’s two seasons of hilarious Bronson action and absolutely delicious looking food. Apparently we’re going to be seeing way more of it all as well – “I know it’s been taking a long time, but we’ve been working pretty fucking hard to tell you the truth. You’re going to see all types of new Fuck That’s Delicious stuff coming out. You’re not going to understand what’s going on. It’s just going to keep hitting you and hitting you. You’re going to be like “please stop, not again!”, but you want more.” He’s right, what more could you want?