Fresh out the oven; Jay Rock’s Easy Bake

Remember when easy bake ovens represented childish exploration and the joys of cooking? Well you can wave goodbye to that comparison; you can now associate them with TDE, and whipping up some good old fashioned drugs in the kitchen.

Enter Jay Rock and the latest single off the much anticipated 90059, Easy Bake. We have been detailing the slow trickle of singles as they come to light, which has only continued to spark our interest and keep us on our toes for the eventual release. We have already heard the gritty stylings of Gumbowhile Money Trees Deuce sought to continue the complimentary flows of Jay Rock and Black Hippy counterpart Kendrick Lamar. The titular track 90059 was a detour in terms of sound, but the SZA feature proved to be a fitting compliment in contrast to the harsh flow of the track itself.

Earlier this month we detailed the listening session of the upcoming album, as rumours of the features and track list came to light. Well it would seem that Easy Bake was the much lauded “back and forth” track that was revealed at the star-studded event. Kendrick and Jay Rock do not hold back on this track, and their flows are effortlessly bounced off one another, while an ominous and menacing beat serves as the background, reaffirming the tone of the album itself. SZA returns on this track, with a beat switch towards the second half of the track sending the song down a funk and soul inspired path.

The album cannot be far off, and with a single backed by the presence of Kendrick, the marketing machine is now in full force; it’s only a matter of time before we have 90059 in our hot little hands.

For the full version of the track you’ll need to head here.