Dropping the Tampon Tax Like It’s Hot

I might not be the best person to write about period related problems, but even as a male who is unaware of the monthly struggles of menstruation, I know a stupid policy when I see one.

A group of clever activists, led by Sydneysider Mia Lethbridge have taken to the art of parody in an attempt to raise attention for such a polarising issue; an anti tampon tax track set to the Snoop Dogg smash, Drop It Like It’s Hot.

To tax half of the population for a bodily function is ridiculous. Joe Hockey and and Tony Abbott may as well be following me to the bathroom after I’ve had one too many beers on a Saturday night outing and asking me to cough up some cash.

Drop It Like It’s Rot makes plenty of points that really drive home the stupidity of this policy;

“The vagina, half the people got ’em, but there’s a tax if you were born with one of ’em”.

“Ain’t no shame in the fact with B-L-E-E-D, so why do we have to pay this bloody GST?”

The video also includes a surprise cameo from Christine Forster, sister of the Prime Minister. When your own family is appearing in Snoop Dogg parodies against your policies, you know you’re behind the times.

I for one am all for drawing attention to these matters, and if we need a Snoop Dogg parody to bring this issue to the fore, then so be it.

Make sure you check out the video in its entirety here: