Battles’ new single The Yabba is a pure face-melter

Four years on from their last offering, New York experimental outfit Battles have recently announced that their new album La Di Da Di is due out on September 18th. In anticipation of the release, the band gave fans a taste of what’s to come earlier this week when they uploaded a 24 hour loop of a 21 minute clip to their website.

Filmed near the band’s rehearsal space in New York, the clip was directed by David Radboy and featured four new tracks: The Yabba, Summer Simmer, Tyne Wear and Dot Com. The clip has since been taken down but what we’ve been left with is one full track: The Yabba. It’s a fucking face-melter and enthralling as all get out to watch. A winding, intense and calculated mess of a track, the performance had me staring at the screen for the entire seven minutes. Twice. Do yourself a favour: just watch it.

La Di Da Di Tracklist: 
1. The Yabba
2. Dot Net
3. FF Bada
4. Summer Simmer
5. Cacio e Pepe
6. Non-Violence
7. Dot Com
8. Tyne Wear
9. Tricentennial
10. Megatouch
11. Flora > Fauna
12. Luu Le