Banoffee is Certainly Better Than Toffee

Banoffee is an intriguing songstress. Some of you might assume that she is merely one of those who has branded themselves with the typical multi-genre yo-yoing (really just apprehensive pandering) of most alt R&B/pop musicians. But, Banoffee is seriously more than that worrisome sonic brand to which she is so regularly attached. Rather than the gawky missteps of cultural and genre misappropriation, we get clean, spacious soundscapes, lyrical sharpness and the warmest warble to come out of Melbourne (seriously, listen to her cover of Frank Ocean’s Miss You). The self-titled debut EP she released last year garnered much critical acclaim, with many of her songs (Ninja, Reign Down, and Let’s Go To The Beach) landing on ‘Best Of’ lists.

Today, she released With Her, the first material from her upcoming EP. Oscar Key Sunga master in his own right, lent his musical acumen by overseeing its production. The song’s production is this careful imbrication of heart-wrung piano melodies, clipped-clean beats, and buzzing-with-beauty synths. The sonic architecture is just frugal enough to allow for one of those mid afternoon sun-room dances; it complements, not overpowers, the tip-tap of your bare feet. Something also has to be said for Banoffee’s astral vocals – they bubble up in this timid, unassuming way, and then flick open their enfolded wings to soar, celestial and free.

Make sure you listen to everything that Banoffee has to offer and wait in eager anticipation for her EP.