Finish Monday with a Bang thanks to Chief Keef

Chief Keef knows Mondays are hard, and he’s got the perfect antidote: the artist has dropped the third mix tape in his Bang series ahead of schedule to soften the blow. Two years since the last instalment, Bang 3 was due for release on August 18th and signals the fourth mix tape released by the Chicago rapper since being dropped by his label, Interscope, last year. At a time where due dates from albums and singles is almost entirely redundant (we’re looking at YOU Frank Ocean), it’s a nice surprise when something comes even a couple weeks early.

Superheroes featuring A$AP Rocky and Aint Missing You with Jenn Em stand out from the usual fare about blazing up and living tough in Chiraq, but even at its most predictable, Bang 3 is a lot of fun.The latter pays tribute to Keef’s late cousin Big Glo with a take on John Waite’s (and later Tina Turner’s) heartfelt ballad. Mac Miller also features as a guest on the album.

The mixtape comes at a busy time for Keef, who recently clashed with the local mayor and declared he would run for office himself. You can head here to get behind the nineteen year old rapper and stream all fifteen tracks in full.