The latest Apple Music ad features Trent Reznor, Flying Lotus and more

Trent Reznor can add Voice Over Artist to his rather extensive CV. Narrating a new add for Apple Music (a platform Reznor has been a vocal advocate for since its inception), Reznor muses about a magical place where fans and musicians can discover one another. On the visual side of things, the clip is stripped back in black and white, featuring a pretty impressive musical cast, including Flying Lotus, Ibeyi, Leon Bridges and Shamir.

Since Apple Music bought out Reznor’s previous home Beats, the musician has had a fair bit of input in regards to the streaming service. He’s worked on a number of aspects of the project, from the design of the platform and its features, to marketing and artist engagement. Previously a staunch critic of big industry players, Reznor is a champion of Apple Music, citing it as being different to other services because the experience of using the platform differs from others out there. The key? Discovery.

… puts the burden on the service to make music enticing—different portals and entryways and rabbit holes. And what if that experience could be one that turns more people on to great music? I think that’s exciting.

And discovery is what the new Apple Music add is all about – hell, it’s even titled Discovery. The video is black and white and goes for a minute, throughout which Reznor talks about discovering the artists you love as well as the ones you’re about to, honing in on the Apple Music ethos of discovery.