Your week in music videos

Disclosure: Holding On ft. Gregory Porter

Disclosure actually released their latest single Holding On, which is featured on their upcoming album Caracal a little while ago. Fair enough, it’s damn catchy. Now they’ve finally put out a music video to go with it. The film is shot entirely in Mexico City, and comprises Part One of a four-video series that will provide a visual accompaniment to the album. Set in the near-distant future, it follows the life of a gorgeous young lady who deals with hardcore parties, familiar pressure, native lore and modern censorship. To be honest I was left a little confused. But hey! Maybe by part four it’ll make a little more sense.

Golden Vessel: Borrowed Time ft. Tiana Khasi

Australian producer Golden Vessel has done some marvellous things. But this music video for Borrowed Time, directed by Grimbleism, is probably his best achievement so far. The film is clean, refined, and beautifully put together, toeing that border between film and art. Each shot is perfectly composed so as to capture the binaries of light and shade, black and white, industrial and organic. Tiana Khasi, who lends her gorgeous vocals to the track is featured in the film. As the song increases in pace so to does it’s visual counterpart. Khasi’s face is cut into a kaleidoscope, and the shots become darker and more complex. The film and the song work together perfectly.

Bree Tranter: More Sex & Love

Bree Tranter wrote More Sex & Love with her roommate in in their Paddington studio apartment. The song is gentle and powerful, building on a simple beat with Tranter’s beautiful, ethereal vocals. The concept for the music video came from Tranter’s time at Secret Garden Festival in February, where she was captured by Scott, the man who dances in the clip, who was swaying to the tunes of Donny Benet. His movements are exaggerated with lighting and slow motion. Soft pink and purple lights, as well as billows of smoke recreate that sense of enchantment that Tranter probably felt at the time.

Ayla: Waiting

Ayla slammed herself onto the music scene in 2014 with her debut single Wish I Was. She was soon discovered by Triple J unearthed, and was later labelled the most played female solo artist on Triple J for that year. With a voice much more powerful than you’d expect from a 20-year-old, Ayla has been doing some amazing things. Waiting is her latest single, coming off her upcoming EP which will be out later this year. The track is searching and powerful. It’s accompanying music video is perhaps a little cliché, but it really works to establish the artists’ image. Featuring lots of rose petals and stormy oceans it is commanding and inherently feminine.

Mìo: Back to You ft. Erik Lindestad

Back to You is one of those songs that immediately gets under your skin. Somewhat reminiscent of Mad World, but with awesome synths and harmonies, the track conjures feelings of isolation and loneliness. The music video that goes with it is stunning. Perfect cinematography captures two young teenagers (I want to call them boys..?) who go to the skate park, and after a while of watching the adults end up getting invited back to one of their parties. The film has an underlying sense of yearning and loss, it isn’t established whether the kids have run away from home but they try to set up a bed at the skate park. It’s an emotional journey.