Wavves Face ‘Way Too Much’ Label Interference

Nathan Williams has unveiled the new single for the fifth studio album, V, from his project Wavves. However, the premature release of Way Too Much, co-written with Alex Gates, appears to have angered his label, Warner Bros., who wanted to pull the single. Williams let out his frustration spill out with a series of increasingly pissed-off tweets about the standoff, before it appears to have been ultimately resolved in his favour.

Williams’ steadfast dedication to his craft is certainly admirable and we can’t disapprove of a lone artist taking up the good fight against a faceless conglomerate. As for the single, Way Too Much, listen to it below. It’s a typically rollicking ode to dialling back on the overthinking and overcomplicating of life with that signature fuzz.

Also, amongst the scathing attacks on Warner Bros., Freeman had time to show off the new album artwork:

UPDATE (21/07/15):

Wavves have officially announced will be released October 2nd, with four more singles still to come. They have also released the tracklisting, which has us very excited indeed. You can preorder it now from iTunes and JB Hifi.


1. Heavy Metal Detox
2. Way Too Much
3. Pony
4. All The Same
5. My Head Hurts
6. Redlead
7. Heart Attack
8. Flamezesz
9. Wait
10. Tarantula
11. Cry Baby
12. Fast Ice (Australian exclusive Bonus Track)