Wavves and Cloud Nothings Release Collaborative LP

Wavves frontman Nathan Williams and Cloud Nothings‘ Dylan Baldi have made rock fans very happy indeed this week by releasing the album I didn’t know I wanted so badly until it was available, titled No Life For Me.

Okay, so I admit I get a little (a lot) fangirly over these two bands, but rightly so! The two bands are the soundtrack to my “coming of age” years, which I’m sure many can relate to, and to have the two together collaborating on the same record is something else entirely.

Really keeping it a family affair, the album is out via Williams’ label Ghost Ramp and is produced by Sweet Valley (Williams and his brother Joel’s side electronic project). Williams also took to Twitter to answer questions about the release. No, there won’t be a joint tour. Yes, there is a new Wavves album coming in August and yes, they are touring after that. He also tweeted that No Life For Me won’t be properly released physically, but will be released on vinyl.

You can hear the title track below, and you can also purchase No Life For Me right now on iTunes and Bandcamp.