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Watch Rihanna go homicidal for ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’

Rihanna has upped the ante once again, with the highly anticipated music video for her song Bitch Better Have My Money. Like previous incarnations, the clip is highly explicit in terms of nudity, drug use and violence.

The video opens up with a pair of legs poking out of a trunk. The next scene cuts to a glamorous, affluent woman priming and prepping herself to go out, before cutting to a scene where Rihanna pulls up in an old convertible and hauls a trunk out of the boot of the car. The woman walks into the elevator, standing next to a menacing Rihanna and her trunk before the doors close.

When they re-open, the woman has mysteriously vanished, leaving just Rihanna holding the woman’s chihuahua and the trunk…

What ensues next is a series of violent, comedic escapades where the woman brutalised in a series of inane punishments for her obvious inability to pay back her debts. She is no less than strung up upside down and topless, trussed up and gagged in the back of the car; taken for a ride on an enormous yacht with aerial shots of Rihanna singing and throwing shit off the boat, then shooting it with her gun; glassed over the head with a bottle when she tries to call for help; and taken prisoner in a hotel room and forced to smoke a huge bong.

Actor Eric Roberts makes a cameo, playing the part of a police sheriff who just manages to miss glimpses both times of the kidnapped woman.

However, the grand finale is saved for last, when obviously still unpaid, Rihanna takes out the ultimate revenge on the ‘Bitch’ (Who is Hannibal star Mads Mikkelsen). Rih Rih turns her murderous attention to the husband of the woman, who just so happens to be a not-so-honest accountant. Dressed in a see-through latex dress, and armed with a battalion of knives, we can only imagine what horrible demise the Bitch meets.

Cue scene where Rihanna is lying in a trunk covered in money and blood.The true meaning of bad in ‘BadGalriri’ becomes apparent here.

Thematically, the video for BBHMM is very similar to the slew of big budget productions which tend to have a focus on materialism, hyper-sexualised violence that wouldn’t look out of place in a Quentin Tarantino film, and a narrative centred around an enemy against which a bloody vengeance must be exacted.

The bolded, stylised words for the characters also seem to be a big trend as of late too (Bad Blood anyone?)

Yet, true to the style of Rihanna, she somehow makes it look elegant, cool and classy, a little disturbing considering that she basically murders two people at the end of it.

Check it out below for a blood-soaked montage of badassery.