Watch Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s beautiful new video

Unknown Mortal Orchestra, the veritable gods of funk-infused synths and emotional, yet obscure lyrics, have released a video for the track, Ur Life One Night, off their stellar third album, Multi-Love. The video is a kaleidoscopic circus of Asian art forms and colours.

Director Manoj Leonel Jahson sought out inspiration in Traditional Asian Art through the incorporation of Mughal-era miniature paintings and more. Here is what he had to say about the film:

“When we first spoke with Unknown Mortal Orchestra, the idea of creating something abstract yet fun, for their single Ur Life One Night sounded very exciting. I am deeply inspired by the quirky Indian magical-realism from our mythology and wanted to create something rooted but still visually appealing. The music lent a dream-like quality and the lyric pushed us to the motif of the Goddess being pursued, yet always being out of reach.”

The video begins with the following quotation:

“Maya’s palace has a staircase where you can sleep and doodle your dreams. One night, Draupadi too fell asleep, down Maya’s stairs.”

It follows a Goddess who is pursued by two suitors (they all fail to obtain her of course). Most importantly though, it is an art-piece with figures and motifs that criss-cross and intersect in this beautiful imagistic dance. So step out of reality and enter this multilayered dream-scape rich with sex and humour.