Tyler, the Creator x Nardwuar is a Perfect Match

Nardwuar is one hell of an interviewer. If you are unfamiliar, “The Human Serviette” is Nardwuar’s alias, and he provides some of the most in depth interviews with everyone from Jay-Z, Blur, Sonic Youth and of course Tyler, the CreatorIf you are an up and coming journalist or music lover his story is one that you cannot help but be jealous of. Starting out as an independent interviewer, Nardwuar managed to land an interview with N.E.R.D and proceeded to scare the living daylights out of Pharrell Williams by detailing insignificant and minute details from the bands beginnings and their home town. Blown away by the research and work ethic of Nardwuar, Pharrell arranged the famous Jay-Z interview, and soon enough everyones favourite horribly dressed Canadian was a part of the iAmOther movement.

Having interviewed Tyler and the rest of the Odd Future collective way back in 2011, the chemistry between Nardwuar and the rest of the group is a match made in heaven, although it is slightly upsetting to see that Taco and Jasper Dolphin are the only two members left to accompany the interviews. The style of the interviews provides a fascinating insight into the love and knowledge that Tyler has for music, as he speaks on several of the fusion funk tracks and artists that he so often samples in his own music.

Of course it would not be a Nardwuar interview without some horribly inappropriate gifts, including a scratch and sniff MF DOOM album,  a Ja Rule special edition condom and some bacon flavoured lube, a must have for any bacon enthusiast.

Peep the entire interview here: