The Internet Tackles Odd Future Breakup

Tyler, the Creator sent the internet into a tailspin earlier this year when tweeting that the infamous acronym OFWGKTA and the Odd Future group was “no more“. Rainbow-wearing, cat obsessed skateboarders around the world voiced their dismay and the panic amongst fans was a sentiment echoed far and wide. What did this mean for our favourite group of immature music makers? Would we never be blessed with a music video as fantastically simplistic yet brilliant such as Oldie? 

While Tyler was quick to point out that Odd Future wasn’t dead and buried completely, and that some simple reminiscing on his behalf via Twitter had accidentally sent fans into a frenzy, it does appear that the group will live on in name only. Matt Martians of The Internet gave his take on the state of Odd Future, and appeared to echo the sentiment of Earl Sweatshirtwho had claimed that Tyler’s tweets were only “solidifying the obvious”. Speaking on the drama that had ensued following Tyler’s comments, Martians stated:

It needed to be said, because I think it’s important for our progress, and other people in Odd Future”s progress, to shed that name. It’s a badge. It’s a great thing. Everything has to move on. Everything has to have closure. I think what rose from that is what really matters. A lot of great careers spawned from that, and a lot of great careers will continue to spawn from that.”

It is quite a sad thought to think that the group is going their separate ways, but it is really unsurprising. Tyler and Earl are two of the hottest artists in the rap game, Frank Ocean has established himself as an RnB powerhouse, with The Internet starting to find their own success. While the name might just be a badge these days, we have to be thankful for the endless supply of artists it has graced us with.

The Internets album Ego Death is out now via Columbia Records.