Skepta Releases New Track, Performs With Drake

Skepta continues his meteoric rise this year, with the last few days seeing the UK grime frontrunner kicking quite a few goals. Not only did he release another killer track, teaming up with Plastician for the retrospective Back Then, but he was also brought onto the stage at Wireless Festival in the UK but none other than Drake.

The Boy Better Know crew member takes a step back to reflect on his newfound and almost sudden international success in Back Then, as he shows off once again his intelligent rhymes and poignant observations. He obviously isn’t phased by his rising stardom, but is instead revelling in the spotlight and using it to fuel his fire, as heard in lyrics like, “Now I don’t care what n****s say / I’ve got girls Down Under tellin’ me that I’m on Triple J / all my n****s on the rise, man / it’s a sad time for the KKK.” The track has been up for two days and right now has just under 184,000 plays.

That’s not all that been going on with Skepta. Since his appearance during Kanye’s BRIT Awards performance, Skepta has been a permanent fixture on the international radar, and his fame is undoubtedly set to rise exponentially again after Drake brought him on stage during his performance at Wireless Festival in London this weekend. Drake welcomed Skepta onto the stage before the pair whipped the crowd into a frenzy for Shutdown. High energy and badass, Skepta worked the crowd like a natural as he jumped around, delivering his spitfire verses. The crowd was also incredibly receptive to his grime beats, considering they were at a Drake set and had probably been crying in the song before.

Skepta has teased an Australian tour on Instagram recently, but there has been no set dates announced just yet. We here are holding out for his album Konnichiwa to drop before he sets his sights on Down Under, and we can hardly wait any longer.