Sinead O’Connor: Kim Kardashian killed music

Apparently Sinead O’Connor isn’t a fan of the Kardashians. When Kim Kardashian appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone, she wrote an angry Facebook post. In it, she accused Kardashian of killing the music industry. She didn’t sugarcoat anything:

“What is this cunt doing on the cover of Rolling Stone ? Music has officially died. Who knew it would be Rolling Stone that murdered it? Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh can no longer be expected to take all the blame. Bob Dylan must be fucking horrified. #BoycottRollingStone”

Harsh, right? We can all agree that the Kardashian Klusterfuck is getting ridiculous, but was this rant necessary?

While most people may have been unnecessary to put Kardashian on the cover, Rolling Stone is a pop culture magazine. Music is only a part of its content and, like it or not, Kim Kardashian is a huge aspect of pop culture right now.

Maybe we should be talking about the horrific use of coverage as a ploy to sell magazines instead. Why blame Kardashian when she was given a great opportunity and used as a tool to make money?

O’Connor has previously attacked Miley Cyrus, or rather her parents. In 2013 she wrote another Facebook post with a racy picture of Cyrus, asking for the whereabouts of her parents. “No human being on earth would be photographing, filming or watching my child-like looking daughter dressed as a stripper with a load of cash stuck in her mouth.”

It seems that judgement of the young generation is becoming a trend among some of the most popular musicians of the past. Maybe O’Connor and Morrissey should have a conversation about the current state of the music industry over lunch. Some of these musicians need to learn to let their anger out in private, or not say anything at all.