OG Maco Calls Out Future for Glorifying Drug Use

OG Maco recently went on a twitter rampage, calling out fellow Atlanta rapper Future for his glorification of the drug ‘lean’ on upcoming release Dirty Sprite 2. The album title references a common name for the drug cocktail of codeine and promethazine cough syrup, which has a history of references in rap lyrics.

Maco’s twitter rant begins as a general reflection on the common themes that receive popular attention in rap music, before launching into a more specific rebuke of Future, who boasts openly about taking drugs in his songs.

The release is a follow up to 2011’s Dirty Sprite which featured lyrics like:

“My purple stuff stay in my cup
Got drank on me I pour me up
Texas oil got me spoiled
Red and Yellow I’m leaning hard”

Maco goes as far as to say the rapper has “destroyed countless lives” by making drug use seem cool.





Among the sea of tweets there is some hard hitting commentary about “group weakness” and “loser attitudes.” It is a bold stance to take for the Atlanta rhymer, especially against one of his own brethren. It comes as a time where rapper’s like Kendrick Lamar are talking about using their influence to set positive examples and implement social change, and is a refreshing attitude from someone so early in their career.

The thread then turns to discussion of Maco’s own music, including track U Guessed It, which he claims to have written specifically to “blow up.” He talks about other songs he has penned to talk about drugs and help those around him suffering with abuse of the drug Xanax. With debut album Children of the Rage on the horizon before the end of the year, and appearing in the XXL freshmen class, there is certainly a lot of excitement about what else this promising young voice has to say.











The rapper is sure to close out the conversation assuring there is no personal issues with Future, and that he is a big fan of his work. Just not this particular work, apparently. While a confusing diatribe at times, these tweets show an awareness and willingness to speak out from the young MC, and if he can refine his ideas into a cohesive message, he will be a sharp and critical voice of the, well, future.