Mr. Carmack Releases Entire Discography For Free

For a number of years now, US producer Mr. Carmack (who toured earlier this year) has been gaining more and more traction in underground scenes. Mostly for his absolutely insane trap and hip-hop inspired beat production, as well as his insane live performances. He can go from chill as f**k to room-busting between two tracks on his releases. So, it’s not difficult to see why major labels may potentially be taking an interest in the currently unsigned producer.

Perhaps it’s because of an impending signing, or because Carmack just loves his absolutely massive fanbase – but today, he’s put every release he’s ever done up for a name-your-price download on his Bandcamp. You might be thinking, “So what? Is that like two EPs? That’s not particularly amazing…” That’s where you’d be wrong. Carmack, real name Aaron’s discography stretches all the way back to February 2011, and has released 12 EPs since then. Yes, you read that right, 12. That’s a 100 track mix of trap, hip-hop and downtempo electronic music that you could be using to soundtrack your otherwise boring life right now.

Definitely make sure that you don’t sleep on this. Carmack has been a huge presence in the scene, doing a bunch of shows in Australia each year, and being instrumental in inspiring a whole bunch of beatmakers. Now that he’s potentially getting signed to a major publisher, hopefully we’ll be seeing even more of him around. Check his sounds and get a feel for it, you definitely won’t regret it.