Watch Miguel’s steamy new video clip

In June, Miguel released Wildheart Chapter 1: Find What You Love And Let It Kill You, a 12-minute short film that contained the music videos for the three songs: …goingtohell, Coffee, and NWA.

Miguel has now released the standalone video for his sex-laden song, NWA. It all begins in a claustrophobic apartment, and then the camera pans softly on to the pastel streets of city-suburbia. None of this is really important. The salient feature of this video is Miguel, in all his chiselled and shades-of-cool glory. I would happily watch a 10 hour video of Miguel walking around in his nonchalant but sultry way (the video would of course end with him walking through my front door). Ohh, I forgot, Kurupt turns up in his car and flings his rap out of a wound down window.