Mac DeMarco releases BBQ soundtrack

Our darling Mac DeMarco hosted a BBQ listening party this Wednesday to play his new record. His new ‘mini-album’ Some Other Ones was played from a set of semi-functioning car speakers, whilst Maccy offered up BBQ food in exchange for food bank donations. This is all very appropriate considering that the full 9-track album is meant to accompany convivial gatherings; it is a soundtrack for eating. Imagine heaving down 3 kilos of cooked-to-cardboard (love you dad) steak as DeMarco’s sweet voice slinks about with his guitar. Or perhaps you would rather a 9 course degustation with each dish tailored to the sonic texture of a specific song from the album.

Unfortunately, we are in the middle of a whitewalker-cold winter, so Mac DeMarco’s light, sun-flecked tunes can only be listened to with a heavy air irony (it was his plan all along). So make sure you pop on Some Other Ones when you wake up with violent hypothermic shakes at midnight. It will make you feel better. Trust me, it’s Mac at his best.