Lorde and Sam Smith are collaborating with Disclosure

Remember when Lorde met up with Disclosure to “[make] tunes and [grab] milkshakes”? Well, it’s official. She has a confirmed guest spot on Disclosure’s upcoming album. Caracal will be released in September as their follow-up to Settle. They also mentioned a collaboration with Sam Smith once again.

One half of the brother duo, Howard Lawrence opened up to Rolling Stone, telling all kinds of details about the album. “She turned up on her own, no management or bodyguard,” he said. “That’s the most equal collaboration on the record. You can really hear her sound — she has this sassy yet vulnerable thing.”

Smith has collaborated with Disclosure before on Latch, so they were happy to work with him again. “It was really exciting, ‘cause we hadn’t seen him in so long. We had three whole days to hang out with Sam and write, which are two of my favourite things to do.”

After three days in the studio, they came back with a track that is said to be “a sleek, blissed-out anthem that might be the happiest-sounding track either artist has ever released.”

In the Rolling Stone interview, Guy Lawrence said the new album will have a different sound to the first. “There’s not any really club music on this one,” said Guy. “It’s all very club-influenced, because of the beats, but every song is like ‘Latch’ or ‘White Noise’ — a fully structured pop song.”

This was also mentioned on Twitter last week.

Re-live the magic of Latch below. Make sure you check out the first single Holding On while you wait for the album.

Caracal will be released on September 25th.