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Kanye’s Glastonbury subtitles are a descent into madness

Subtitling must be real hard. I can imagine keeping up with the news and live TV is hard enough, let alone rap lyrics.

Over the weekend, the person in charge of writing subtitles for BBC’s stream of West’s Glastonbury set completely melted down, and their descent into madness is tracked by Ye‘s “lyrics”.

Though it would’ve been an easy fix, maybe just googling the lyrics to whichever song Kanye was performing and uploading them – they tried, and failed brilliantly.

Check some live tweets for yourself, and relive the experience.


West had one of, if not the, most talked about set in the lead up to the festival, with all eyes on the famous (and infamous) rapper to see what he would do next. From jumping into a crane to perform Touch The Sky, covering Queen‘s Bohemian Rhapsody and an unfortunate stage invasion, it was as exciting and ridiculous as we expected (the man once went to McDonald’s in a Lamborghini). Even Dave Grohl, who pulled out of the festival due to a broken leg and was replaced by Florence + The Machine, has something to say about his set. Although he is indeed polarising – even the most polarising of all – there is no question that Kanye pulled out all the stops, and proved the 134,920 people who signed a petition to get his set cancelled wrong.