Grimes designs a comic book cover

It turns out Grimes isn’t just a talented musician, she’s a pretty good illustrator too. She has joined the likes of Courtney Love, Ghostface Killah and Amanda Palmer (who have all designed their own covers) and designed an alternative comic book cover for the 14th issue of The Wicked + The Divine, which is due to be released on September 9th. The book, by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie, is about the reincarnation of a group of gods called ‘The Panthenon’ into popstars. Very fitting.

The cover was shown at Comic-Con in San Diego over the weekend. Here’s the perfectly grotesque cover:


It’s been a while since we’ve had some new music from Grimes following the release of Visions in 2012. She had thrown out an entire album earlier this year because she didn’t like the vibes it was projecting. “The album was scrapped cuz it was depressing and I didn’t want to tour it.” she wrote on Tumblr. “I’m really not that sad or insecure of a person.”

She has, however, teased on Twitter than there will be a new album release sometime in Autumn (Spring for Australia). She says it will be a surprise release, so as far as we know there will be no release date (read more on that here).

Let’s hope we get to hear some new stuff soon. Keep your eyes (and ears) peeled!