GOOD GREEF Is The Party To Save The Great Barrier Reef

Music for the sake of music is sake enough, but when there’s a greater purpose to a piece of music or an event – that makes it much more meaningful and special. We wrote a while ago about an Australian music compilation hoping to raise money for the OXFAM Nepal Earthquake Appeal, and today it’s about an event raising money for something much closer to home.

GOOD GREEF is launching their inaugural music and arts event in less than a month, in support of World Wildlife Fund Australia’s Great Barrier Reef conservation program. Held at The Factory Theatre in Marrickville, the day is a combination of music (both live and DJ sets), marine inspired audio visuals and live art that is sure to be as fun as it is charitable.

A mix of psychedelic rock, loud percussion, high intensities and floating melodies, the day is soundtracked by the likes of four of Sydney collective Cabinjam’s talents. Smaal Cats, The Dinlows, Salvador Dali Llama and Suns Of The Universe all jamming out on a beautiful Sunday for a cause that we should all be getting behind? Sounds like the perfect way to do your bit for one of Australia’s most beautiful natural wonders.

Sunday, 9th August 3pm-10pm
The Factory Floor
105 Victoria Rd, Marrickville 2204

Check the Facebook event here, and buy tickets here – we’ll be seeing you there.